Our online Led Chandelier catalogue Summer 2021

We don’t have the facility to purchase online because naughty people tried to commit fraud a few times buying large items on cards. So what we have done is create our online catalogue so you can browse and understand our range. If that’s not enough don’t forget we produce custom bespoke lighting solutions for domestic or commercial use.

Anyone fancy to design their own lighting? Chandelier and lights can be designed to any specifications and then have them made by our team. Don’t panic if you feel your drawing or computer skills are not good enough! We can easily do a few online screen share sessions to get your design looking the way you want it. No fuss no crazy long lead times.
If you are feeling brave you are more than welcome to come sit with our designer.
We can usually deliver bespoke items within 4 to 6 weeks and our everyday range is usually available straight from our stock. Any questions give us a call.. 020 8123 0033