Why Lighting and Chandelier design, London, UK?

I didn’t just get up one day and decide to design chandeliers and lamps and lighting. My degree in product design and a foundation before that helped steer me towards this path. But just designing things was not enough. Actually building them is a passion to.

From a young age I wanted to design and draw things. I grew up in London surrounded by different cultures and amazing art and design. While at college I developed a passion for 3d modelling and Computer Graphic Images (CGI). I became obsessed with light and shadow.

As 3d software got better I found myself making interesting shapes with light and refraction. My passion for video camera work and photography made me play with new light technologies. I started to experiment with transparent plastics, defuse plastics and how they behaved with light to better understand what I wanted to achieve. The answer was better light and shadows.

After training with a blacksmith, a metal fabricator, a mechanic and working in interior design as a works drawings specialist my way ahead as a lighting designer started to form and take shape.