Welcome to Design Lumière, makers of custom bespoke chandeliers, lighting and illuminated art. Custom designed chandeliers are a great expression and statement piece, if you have a chandelier design in mind we would love to help make it a reality. 

We are a product design company and Design Lumière is our brand for bespoke hand made designer lighting solutions. All of our products are hand made in London, United Kingdom. 

Our lighting products are made to the highest standards. Our finishing processes are done in house and all work is carried out by our small but highly skilled team. We have produced lighting for many designers, architects, companies and private individuals.

We are known for our amazing polished work in Brass, Bronze and Aluminium. We offer a wide range of finishes including Polished, Brushed, Chemical Patina, Painted, Corporate themed,


Lighting design and engineering

Lighting design is changing all the time with new technologies and ever increasing levels of interactivity. We are suckers for a challenge. Working out and solving engineering issues is a massive passion for us. Chandeliers are a brilliant way of combining design, art and engineering. Regardless of chandelier styles, modern, classic, Art Deco, Art Nouveau or your custom design we relish the chance to make it happen on a large or small scale.  Scroll for more…>>


I started Design Lumiere after working in Music and Theatre for a number of years. I originally trained as a product designer and graduated from a Product Design degree late last century. My first lighting designs were for stage lighting in 2002 and I have constantly evolved our designs since then.

We produce for other designers and artists and respect their intellectual property. Which is why we won’t produce replicas under any circumstances! If you are after a certain look and someone else is known for this we will direct you to them regardless of weather we make it for them!


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