About our Lighting designs and background

I started Design Lumiere after working in Music and Theatre for a number of years. I had a summer job building stage lighting and controllers while on summer break from University. Learning how to build DMX lighting controllers really helped me grow an nu-healthy interest in lighting design. I originally trained as a product designer and graduated from a Product Design degree late last century. My first lighting designs were for stage lighting in 2002 and I have constantly evolved our designs since then.

Since those early days we have grown and worked in every part of the lighting industry. Now we have decided to concentrate on more artistic and design orientated lighting. We want to build functional but atheistic designs that push engineering concepts and engage our audience. The experience gained building heavy duty equipment for Theatre and Touring companies remains in our company DNA. Quality and long lasting are keep criteria in our designs. “Will it last”? Can i refurbish it to a high standard in 20 years? Yes..! Polishing or re-brushing a unit will have it looking brand new. Because our items are not plated.

We have produced for other designers and artists and respect their intellectual property. Which is why we won’t produce replicas under any circumstances! If you are after a certain look and someone else is known for this we will direct you to them regardless of weather we make it for them!

Our design range changes every few years. So if you have seen one of our earlier works for sale new, “It’s probably a cheap copy”. Our units are made from solid metal 3mm or thicker. We don’t electroplated metal to pass it off as brass or something else. Our unique marking process on all of our components also tells us if the unit has been altered. We do repair our customers items, should they need it. However to date we have only had to do this twice! Not all LED’s are made the same. The quality levels vary drastically. We fit the best available and the reliability of our units reflects this. Our control units are also selected for their superior quality. Our lens design means we can easily remove and repair your item should it need to be done.

Questions? If so get in touch. thanks for reading, we look forward to hearing from you.