Alumanada 2 and 3 tier chandelier from £499




Made in the UK, 2 tier from £499 and 3 tier from £799 excluding delivery.
Our ranges of product vary in price quite a bit. Honest answer is the cost of materials and the time taken to do the high quality finishing we are known for.

This style we started a few years ago has been copied by less expensive manufacturers. But! We find that flattering and ours is made from thicker material, thicker wire, better power supplies and the price difference speaks for itself.

The Alumanada 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 and 5 tiers are in stock! Ready to ship with a choice of finishes!

Please note this is only available to order over the phone because of technical specifications and ceiling weight strains are an important factor. Our knowledgable team are available in and out of hours! Our aftersales car is local and better than the competition! We know this because they don’t have any aftersales care! But local and still get it at a great price with great service.

We can also supply IP rated versions for outside applications!